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Creepy IP and Lessons Learned

During the month of October, the US Patent and Trademark Office used the hashtag, #CreepyIP, to tweet about patents and trademarks related to Halloween or other scary subjects.  This was a fun exercise by the USPTO and Shlesinger, Arkwright & Garvey enjoyed looking at the various types of intellectual property displayed on Twitter.  We re-tweeted several of the postings by the USPTO.  In addition to the enjoyment at seeing the various types of "Creepy IP", the tweets reminded us of the importance of protecting intellectual property.  The "Creepy IP" included home protection devices, decorations, masks, a tombstone, a life preserving bubble and many other patented products.  In addition, several trademarks were tweeted.  This is a reminder to everyone that many different types of inventions can be patented.  With respect to trademarks, aside from standard protection of a brand for the primary product, there are other techniques and requirements for protecting a trademark (for example, the title of an individual work can not be registered, but the title of a series of works can).  Other Intellectual Property Offices, including the European Intellectual property Office and the Canadian IP Office, had some fun with #CreepyIP during October, too.  You can see some of these examples on our Twitter page, @SAGLLP .